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Group Counseling Services and Opportunities

OUTPATIENT:  Outpatient is when someone lives on their own, but comes into the agency to receive counseling and other supports they may need from counselors, nurses, and medications.  Outpatient Services can, and often do, include supportive counseling groups.

Mental Health groups usually center around and discuss strategies for identifying emotional and situational triggers, learning coping skills, practicing mindfulness techniques, psychoeducation on cognitive distortions, and growth mindset, etc.
Substance Use Disorder groups usually include some mental health education, but prioritize growth mindset, wise-mind, trigger-identifying and relapse prevention, identifying needs to be able to better explain needs for case management assistance and where each other has found supports in our community.  The goal is to keep the conversation going for how to make sustainable life changes for the betterment of the self, of supporting loved ones, and involvement in bettering our community.

Modoc County Behavioral Health offers Men's Substance Use Disorder Group Counseling weekly, in Modoc County Jail, on Mondays (excluding holidays) from 9am to 11 am.

Modoc County Mental Health offers Men's Mental Health Group Counseling weekly in the Modoc County Jail, on Wednesday mornings from 9am to 11 am, weekly.

Inmates who are suffering from either undiagnosed or untreated mental health concerns may request assessment by a Modoc County Mental Health clinician to assess for current diagnosis of mental health, as well as open the possibility to meet on Thursday mornings with MCHS assists local law enforcement with facilitating tele-medicine routines in the jail.