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Adult Services

Adult Services
Age Range: Ages 18 and over

Adult Outpatient Centers provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment to individuals requiring mental health, substance use disorder, or dual diagnosis treatment. The outpatient treatment team consists of trained professionals including licensed therapists, behavioral health nurses, telepsychiatry, counselors, case managers, and support staff. Focus areas include mental health and substance abuse assessment, psychiatric assessment and evaluation for medication, medication monitoring, individual counseling, group counseling, bilingual counseling services, interpreter services, and community services referral.

  • Outpatient Counseling and Medication Support.
  • Wellness and Recovery Center
Sunrays of Hope

Sunrays of Hope, Inc. is a peer to peer run organization that operates as a wellness center and a drop-in center at the same time. As a wellness center, it works in providing opportunities in receiving emotional and tangible peer support, through times of personal or professional crisis for many in Modoc County. It anticipates and addresses potential difficulties, all while promoting resiliency, hope, recovery, and wellness for individuals, as well as, minimizing the effects of stress and stigma through peer support. As a drop-in center, it works in providing assistance to the local population with referrals and a warm place for all in a sigma free environment. 

Sunrays is a government contractor, providing partnership services to Modoc County Behavioral Health:
Mission---to help the mental health public by providing a safe and drug-free environment