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Mental Health Grievances and Appeals

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Grievance, Appeals and Expedited Appeals Process

Modoc County Behavioral Health Department has a grievance and appeals process available to all Modoc County Behavioral Health Medi-Cal Beneficiaries. If you would like to file a grievance, appeal, or expedite an appeal you may do so by writing an email to or call (530)-708-0725.

GRIEVANCE — If you are dissatisfied or unhappy with services you may file a grievance by speaking with the Patient’s Rights Advocate or in writing. The program will have 60 days to respond to your grievance in writing.

APPEAL — If services have been denied, you have been involuntarily discharged, or you disagree with a reduction in services you may request an appeal. Modoc County Behavioral Health will have 45 days to respond to your request.

EXPEDITED APPEAL — If you believe waiting 45 days for an appeal decision may jeopardize your life, health, or ability to maintain or regain maximum function, you may request an expedited appeal.

STATE FAIR HEARING — You may request a State Fair Hearing if you are dissatisfied with the decision of your appeal. To request a State Fair Hearing, call 1‐800‐952‐5253. If you are deaf and use TDD, call 1-800- 952-8349. You may also complete the back of the Notice of Action and submit your request in writing to State Hearings Division, California Department of Social Services, PO Box 944243, Mail Station 19‐37, Sacramento, Ca 94244‐2430. Modoc County Behavioral Health Beneficiary Resolution Process does not supersede Title 22, Section 51341, Fair Hearing process. All AOD clients shall be informed of their right to a fair hearing related to the denial, involuntary discharge, or reduction in Drug Medi-Cal substance abuse services as it relates to their eligibility or benefits, pursuant to Title 22, Section 50951. Members will not be subject to any penalty, discrimination or retaliation for filing a grievance or an appeal. Please feel free to contact Patient’s Rights at anyone with questions or concerns you may have.